The story of Sleeping Beauty comes alive at Badminton Theater!

The legend of the Bolshoi with 100 players, Grigorovich Ballet Theatre of Russia, presents the play “Sleeping Beauty.” From October 12-14 at Badminton theater.

Bolsoi Ballet Badminton theater

Foremost alive Russian choreographer (7 years choreographer at Mariinsky and 31 years artistic director of Bolshoi, where he continues to work today as a choreographer) returns to Greece after the only sold out shows in last fall with “Spartacus” and “Lake of Swan “to present players with a 100 blockbuster ballet, choreography for the” Sleeping Beauty “!
The show will be in Athens with the guidance and presence of the Yuri Gkrigkorovits.
The “Grigorovich Ballet Theatre of Russia” is the dancing team of the greatest alive choreographer in Russia and came to our country accompanied by 100 players to proudly present the show “Sleeping Beauty.”

For the needs of the production coming from Russia two trucks carrying 13 meters magnificent scenery and costumes, and theater Badminton removed about 100 jobs as it takes a huge tent to accommodate nearly 100 players, and will make special preparations and constructions will enable you to experience the special effects required for the production of such ballerinas who fly, special hatches of which will disappear dancers etc.

For the needs of the production two trucks carrying 13 meters magnificent scenery and costumes coming from Russia, and Badminton theater removed about 100 seats as it takes a huge tent to accommodate nearly 100 players, and will make special preparations and constructions that enable thew audience to experience the special effects required for the production such as ballerinas who fly, special hatches where the dancers will disappear from etc.


The “Sleeping Beauty”, was written in 1890, and holds a special place in the history of ballet, not only as a great work, but also as the first successful project for ballet composed by Tchaikovsky. TThe composer infuse the dreamy story-line of the ballet with intense emotions, incorporating a human story, a story full of excitement and adventure, a story of courage and risk but ultimately has a happy ending with the power of love.

“Sleeping Beauty” ballet in two acts by GRIGOROVICH BALLET THEATRE OF RUSSIA
Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich based on the choreography of Marius Petipa.
Sets – Costumes: Simon Virsaladze

Bolsoi Ballet Badminton theater 1
SUNDAY 14 OCTOBER AT 12.30 AND 17.30

ADVANCE TICKETS: 210 88 40 600 | | 13855
And stores: public, forthnet

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Fuerza Bruta at Badminton theater in Athens!

The Badminton Theatre hosts in a specially designed area the subversive show Fuerza Bruta, which has great success for five consecutive years in New York! Fuerza Bruta is the new creation of the group that had offered the show De La Guarda, which 30.000 spectators enjoyed in Athens in 2006.

The scene of the Theatre Badminton, apart from the show, will accept for the first time and the same viewers (!) who will attend the events, standing up, beneath the watery world of Fuerza Bruta …

Fuerza Bruta show

The Fuerza Bruta subverts what we know so far about the theater, since it brings the audience literally in the center of the action. The 800 lucky viewers of each performance accept such energy from the show, which inevitably leave themselves  in bits of music, dancing and jumping to the most interactive show ever!

Fuerza Bruta is a spectacle which the truths collide in and reality comes in second place, as the dancers run between walls move, trying to meet each other running from opposite sides of a whirling sail and have fun dancing in a watery world that hovering a few inches above the heads of the spectators. The nonstop action and movement in the air accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack with rhythmic percussion sounds and ambient music.

The Fuerza Bruta is the brainchild of Diqui James and premiered in Buenos Aires in 2005.

Many celebrities follow Diqui James work fanatically. Among those who enjoyed De La Guarda show and Fuerza Bruta are: Leonardo Di Caprio, Blake Lively, Usher, Beyonce, Shakira, Jay-Z, Jim Carey, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Britney Spears, Harrison Ford , Tyra Banks, Robert DeNiro, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sandra Bullock, Neil Patrick Harris, Pierce Brosnan, Taye Diggs, Alexis Bledel, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, Isabella Rosellini, Lil Wayne, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Beyonce, Rachel McAdams, Kanye West, Jude Law, John Legend, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, Kelly Rowland, Penn Badgley, Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Jesse Tyler Fergusson, Serena Williams and Ashton Kutcher!!!

Fuerza Bruta show

Due to the uniqueness of Fuerza Bruta show, 800 spectators per show stand up and all tickets are of general admission.

Duration: 1 hour

To see Fuerza Bruta show must:

Know that you will be standing up for 70 minutes.

Be dressed in casual clothes

Do not resent yourselves with the drizzle and generally the water.

Do not annoy the”strobe” lights.

Be 8 years old and older.

On September 22 and for a few performances only!

There are tickets for unemployed, with only 25 € at the Box Office of Badminton.

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16 … stars fall down at Herodion theatre on 16/9!

On the night of September 16th, 16 big stars principal dancers – etoiles of ballet will dance beneath the Acropolis. At the Herodion theatre, where in the past, graced famous names of ballet (RudolfNureyev, Dame Margot Fonteyne, Vladimir Vasiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, MayaPlisetskaya, NataliaMakarova, Mikhail Barishnikov and many others), today’s brightest stars will perform one program – a tribute that combines plays and choreographies from the traditional – romantic – classical historicity with those marvelous neoclassical style of 20th century, in order to reach the original new plays, facets that go into the 21st century.


You will have the opportunity to enjoy the following :

Mariinsky Ballet (Daria Pavlenko – Alexander Zaitsev)

Royal Ballet of England (MarianellaNunez – Thiago Soares, Federico Bonelli – Hikaru Kobayashi) National Ballet of England (Zdenec Konvalina)

Paris Operas Ballet (Isabelle Ciaravola – Herve Moreau)

Vienna State Opera Ballet (Kirill Kourlaev – Ketevan Papava)

National Spain Ballet (SergioBernal), the

National Berlin Ballet (Iana Salenko – Marian Walters)

Bolshoi Ballet (Olga Smirnova – Semyon Chudin).

Herodion theatre Ballet Show

These stars will offer famous pas-de-deux (Esmeralda – Bagianteras – Corsair), neoclassical “diamonds” (Apollo of Balanchine, “The Appointment” and “Thais” of Roland Petit, Elegy of Rebecca, Artemis and  Aktaion of Vagkanova, Spartacus of Gkrigkorovits), and other modern “revelations” as Anna Karenina of Boris Eifman. You will not miss also the “artistic” … (Carmen, Trikocho hat) and another “diamond” of the program will be the Greek chorus of Maurice Béjart with music by Mikis Theodorakis.

Choreographic precious diamonds of the most valuable of ballet stars will shine under the Acropolis Sunday, September 16.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Presale tickets – Buy tickets

Funds: University 39 (Arcade Pesmazoglou)

Tickets Online:

Phone market: 210 72 34 567

210 67 28 080 / ELVA Company

Ticket Prices:

Distinguished Zone: Series 1 – 10 & 19 ……………….90 €

A Zone: Series 11 to 18 …………………………………… 75 €

B Zone: Series 1 to 10 & 19 ……………………………… 58 €

C Zone: Series 11 to 18 ……………………………………. 45 €

D Zone: Upper Tier …………………………………….. ….29 €

Student (Upper Tier) ……………………………………….. 20 €

Herodion theatre

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Alegría Cirque Du Soleil in Athens!


An exciting and unique experience that will captivate audiences of all ages!

Alegría is one of the most classic, famous and favorite performances of the famed Cirque du Soleil. In Spanish means “jubilation, joy, euphoria” but is commonly used by Spanish in situations not cheer, but instead, in problem situations, grief and pain, as an antidote and remedy.

So beyond that in his maiden appearance in Greece in Cirque du Soleil presents this fabulous show actually is remarkable and semantics specific to the time of our country, since implicitly urges us to oppose the «Alegría» which means “crisis.” That urges us to free ourselves from introversion, misery, melancholy, coming over the “problem” and invites us to board in an ideal vehicle for the sole purpose of visiting this “land of the senses.”
We have the opportunity to live and enjoy this fascinating journey with guides to 55 “residents” of this magnificent place called Alegría. The place where people are transformed into ethereal, restless creatures, flying in the air defying the laws of gravity, combining elegant creative expressions with the strength, speed, skill and daring, structuring an extraordinary mixture major sporting and artistic achievements.

A performance with grand, majestic scenery of monumental proportions, mentioning strong institutions, elaborately made ​​to support the dynamic and erected a huge tent with hidden mechanisms of-miraculously-its operating segments. And above them, tall, several feet above the ground, while the other, aerial scene, where a pedestal praised the artistry and craftsmanship, deified strength and courage and finally finds documentation breaking any physical law.

Alegría is not just a functional, living work of art, an unbelievable, immersive, exciting show. The Alegría, above all, is an extremely rare, a unique living experience, indelibly etched in the memory of the lucky viewers of all ages, capturing the heart and mind, the thymic and logic – and particularly their aesthetic forever !

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the show Alegría Cirque Du Soleil in Athens at OAKA Basketball Stadium till September 09

Event Duration: 2 ½ hours (with intermission)

More information:

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Imany Live!

Imany Live at Technopolis Gazi in Athens!

Sunday, 2nd of September

This very talented singer, born in France, and returns to Athens for another sensational concert.


She has already charmed the audience with two sold out performances in winter at the gazArte bar restaurant in Gazi. Her short tour will include stops in 3 other cities.

Imany (Nadia Mladjao, her real name) or Nadia made “Imany” showed us onstage two amazing concerts proving that … miracles can happen when you believe in your dreams. Her name means “faith” in Swahili. She became famous with the song “You will never know” overnight but Imany is not only that. So beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off her. So rhythmic, in order to lure dance in an endless rocking (and this is something we do not expect). So confident on stage once surrounded by a strong group of musicians who give their all playing with passion and enthusiasm. But also so communicative with all who have come to see her… Imany with bass and sensual voice elevates the interpretation of the songs from the album’s single, the soul – folk «Shape of a Broken Heart».
Enjoy Imany in Athens on Sept. 2 at the “Technopolis” live for another sensational appearance. You will never know… for those who have seen her and those who did not make it to see her..

The concert will open with guest appearances 4 popular names in the Greek music scene, giving “festival” tone in large concert Imany:
Imam Baildi, Marietta Fafouti, Penny & The Swingin’Cats


Also check:

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Marathon Cup Spyros Louis

First Marathon Cup unveiled to public for first time!

Marathon_Cup_Spyros_LouisThe trophy won by marathon winner Spyros Louis at the 1896 Olympics is going to display for the first time in Greece at the Acropolis Museum from 28th of August for one year!

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